Sunday, August 1, 2010

a giant (acceptable) FAIL

So I tried.

The original concept for this blog was to capture a moment in my life every day and post it. But motherhood stood in my way. Yes, you heard me right. I am blaming motherhood. Since having my son, I have frequently used this excuse for many things. i.e. : "I'm sorry I can't attend your tupperware party Saturday afternoon, my son will be napping", or "You want me to do what?! Well, Kevin has a doctors appointment for this weird flaky skin thing he has." (No, my son does not have a weird flaky skin thing)

However, this time around, it's not an excuse but a full blown, acceptable (in my eyes) reason for failing to meet my own standards. And that's okay. It has occurred to me that there will be many things in my life that will fail, or fall by the way side, or simply slip past me because I am a mom. But unlike other opportunities in the past that I have let vanish due to my limited line of sight, this time there is a bigger reward for my idleness.

The reward, I have found, is in the big brown eyes that look up at me from a book and encourage me to read just one more at bedtime, or from the smile I get when I suggest a cup of milk and animal crackers after a hard day at the park. And as a mom, that's all you need.

There will be things in this life that I will challenge myself to do. Some of which I will succeed at, and some that I will ultimately fail miserably to accomplish. But at the end of the day, my boys will say "goodnight, Mom". And with that, comes the biggest triumph I will ever want to see in this lifetime.

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